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We are a team of professionals committed to solving the problems that stand in your way to achieving your goals.

Apogea is a 100% Spanish-owned company that was created with the goal of becoming a driver of change in the AECO industry. Since our inception in 2016, we have doubled our turnover every year, allowing us to open offices in Malaga and Barcelona and start our international operations with projects completed in the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

«We understand progress towards a better world as a path of constant change and improvement».
«We understand progress towards a better world as a path of constant change and improvement».
«Committed to your success, moving together towards the future».

Jesús Valderrama
Partner and Executive Director+
An architect with 10 years of experience in the AEC sector in Spain and Germany, his interests and experience lie in technology, computer design and BIM (Building Information Modelling). He is one of the pioneers in the implementation of BIM in Spain and a member of Building Smart España since its inception, actively contributing to the dissemination and implementation of the methodology.

Founding partner of Apogea, he leads the strategic initiatives of this project, with emphasis on business development around new digital technologies in the AEC sector. His vision and leadership capacity have made it possible to bring together the best professionals to make Apogea Consultores one of the most innovative professional services companies in the AEC sector in Spain.
Partner and Technical Director+
An Agricultural Engineer by training with more than 15 years of experience in the AEC sector in different positions and specialities, he is a member of the BIM committees esBIM and Construim el Futur. He currently holds the position of secretary of the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Catalonia.

His experience in civil engineering and public works and his passion for new technologies, together with his great communication skills have served as an impulse to place Apogea

at the vanguard of the application of BIM tools and collaborative methodologies in civil engineering projects.
Armando Benítez
Partner and Director of Operations+
An architect with more than 20 years of experience, he is passionate about new technologies applied to the optimisation of design processes in Architecture. His interest in collaborative methodologies applied to the AEC sector and his high level of knowledge in BIM tools has made it possible to position the firm as a benchmark in the implementation of BIM in Spain.

His knowledge and passion for the BIM methodology are seen in the implementation of processes and control of the execution of operations in Apogea Consultores.
Head of R&D+i +
Quim Moya is an architect who has 11 years of experience specialising in digital solutions to architecture problems, the implementation of new technologies and scientific research in the architecture sector, IFC, programming and training. Among his most significant projects, the technological solutions proposed for companies like SIBER, CT Ingenieros or Panasonic and the paneling of complex shapes for Miralles/Taglibue and for MIAS arquitectos stands out.

In APOGEA, he is in charge of conducting investigation projects, learning possibilities of growth and developing professional training.
Ana Belén Gutiérrez
Head of BIM Processes+
Ana Belén is a highly qualified technician in topography and urban planning and a BIM specialist who has 18 years of experience working in the sector. She is passionate about her work and her current interests are in the areas of Big Data, change management, artificial intelligence and programming. Thanks to her ability of assuming responsibilities and her diligence and focus Ana currently has a large portfolio. Among her more significant projects, the tender project for the Melbourne underground and the Málaga Psychology Faculty.

She is in charge of the management of the Apogea teams.
Fernando Muñoz
Head of Facilities Projects +
Fernando Muñoz is an industrial technical engineer specialising in mechanics, who has 9 years of experience in the sector. In his portfolio projects, such as, the enlargement of the Málaga Philosophy Faculty stand out.

His problem-solving capacity and his ability for working in teams have led him to become the Manager of Facilities Projects in APOGEA. The functions in this post are the coordination and planning of the work groups, client relationship management, calculation and design of the mechanical installations, creation of departamental standards procedures and review of works undertaken for the project.
Azahara García
Project Coordinator+
Azahara García is a technical engineer specialising in industrial design and who has 13 years of experience working in the sector. She has extensive experience as a project manager in constructions such as Los Guindos or Castillos de Lago.

Her proactive personality and her capacity to meet commitments and to work in teams make her well suited for carrying out the coordination of the working groups, quality control of projects, client and external agent relationship management, performance of the improvement processes and analysis of procedures progress.
Luis Álvarez
Head of Structures Projects+
Luis Álvarez is a road, canal and port engineer, specialising in foundations, structures and hydraulic works who has 20 years of experience. Among his skills, his ability for working in teams and his meticolousness at work stand out. His portfolio contains projects such us the Montefrío WWTP (Granada) or the Castilblanco de los Arroyos DWTS (Sevilla).

In APOGEA, his functions consist of design, calculation and definition of the contruction works, as well as building  work managing and counselling
R&D+i Technician
Cristina Ortiz
BIM/CAD Technician +
Cristina Ortiz is a technical architect with 8 years of experience in the sector and who has specialised in BIM, architectual modelling, structures and MEP. She has taken part in numerous projects, such as, the assembly plant of the Mini car for BMW. She is reliable, ordered and disciplined and she is constantly furthering her knowledge of her job.

As BIM Coordinator, she is in charge of the coordination of MEP modelling, as well as overseeing family creation and its correct operation.
BIM/CAD Technician +
Laura Ruiz is an architect specialising in BIM, whose professional interest is to integrate architecture, structures and installations in the best way possible while respecting the original projects and ideas. Numerous modelling and coordination projects come together in her portfolio, such as Hacienda Cabellos, Serena Homes, Mollet Secondary School and the Vilafranca WWTP.

Her work in APOGEA is, mainly, coordination of the BIM projects, which involves planning, management and review of the team work, while also overseeing correct procedure of the model.
Antonio Pérez
Mechanical Facilities Engineer +
Antonio Pérez is a mechanical engineer and BIM coordinator, specialising in the energy efficiency sector and in HVAC, who stands out for his ability for working in teams, his planning and leadership abilities, as well as for his outstanding capacity for fast adaptation to new environments and to new tools. He has experience working in the petrochemical industry, the energy sector and the AEC sector. The most significant works he has performed include the BIM coordination work he conducted for a construction of more than 300 houses.

His work in APOGEA focuses on project development in its technical aspect.
Abrahán Marcelo
Mechanical Facilities Engineer+
Abrahán Marcelo is a mechanical engineer specialising in the calculation of hydraulic installations, a BIM specialist and a highly qualified technician in the development and implementation of construction projects. Among his more significant projects, his participation in projects such as the Málaga Psychology Faculty or Hacienda Cabello stand out, as well as his short period of time as a Dynamo teacher in a BIM master’s degree.

Among his personal qualities the followings deserve special mention: his pragmatism, his creativity and his problem-solving capacity. This makes him a great profesional in hydraulic installations, projects coordination and MEP modelling.
Badr-Eddin Amzauri
Electric Installation Engineer +
Badr-Eddin Amzauri is an electrical engineer, whose main personal qualities are his positive attitude, his proactivity and his great sence of self-developement. Notable aspects of his portfolio are designing work and calculation of electrical installations carried out for residential projects such as Colinas del Limonar, Hacienda Cabellos, Las Mesas and Santagelo.

His work in APOGEA includes the design and calculation of electric installations.
Ismael Gutiérrez
Engineer and Modeller +
Ismael is a mechanical engineer specialising in hydraulic installations and who stands out for his versatility, his positive attitude and his rapid learning capacity. Among his more significant projects, his participation as modeler in projects such as Torres del Río figure highly.

Among his duties in APOGEA there are the following: installation modelling, along whith the implementation of the technical aspects of the projects, which involves design, calculation and planning thereof.
Esther Lombardo
BIM/CAD Technician +
Esther Lombardo is an industrial design and product development engineer specialising in BIM. Her perseverance, her perfectionism and her problem-solving capacity are some of the personal charsteristics that best describe her. In her portfolio, plan assembly and delineation for projects such as Castillo de Lagos y Las Torre del Río can be highlighted.

In APOGEA, she is in charge of delineation and coordination of plans.
Ángela Doblas
Marketing Assitant +
Ángela Doblas is a marketing and market research graduate, specialising in corporate communication and digital marketing. Hard-working, concientious, creative and positive, she is constantly seeking the improvement of her professional skills and abilities.

Her work in APOGEA includes the management of contact points with the public, content creation, event organisation and brand management.